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12 Game Day Recipes With Honey

Create the ultimate spread for the Big Game using these delicious recipes for chicken wings, barbecue meatballs, party mixes and more that are sure to satisfy the hunger of your favorite team of armchair quarterbacks! Get started with our Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings (pictured).

Another tasty chicken wing recipe to try is Robin Spires’ Apple Honey Glazed […]

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16 Honey and Peanut Butter Recipes

While peanut butter and jelly get all the attention, peanut butter and honey are just as good together and a natural combination in baking (or cooking)! From cookies and cakes to tarts and noodles, the pairing of peanut butter and honey can bring versatility to your kitchen and provide a delicious flavor combination that all […]

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11 Granola Bar Recipes With Honey

Who doesn’t love granola bars? Did you know that making your own at home is super simple too? Making your homemade granola bars gives you the creativity to add whatever ingredients you want. Love chocolate? Use Nutella and M&M’s. Can’t get enough peanut butter? There’s a recipe for that. Trying to add more dried fruit to […]

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Sue Bee Taco Nuggets

Make a batch of these delicious Sue Bee Taco Nuggets with Southwest Honey Sauce for your friends and family this weekend! Both are sweetened with delicious Sue Bee Honey and packed full of flavor.

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Southwest Honey Sauce

Pair this delicious Southwest Honey Sauce with our Sue Bee Taco Nuggets for your next gathering with friends! Both are sweetened with delicious Sue Bee Honey and packed full of flavor.

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Honey Corn Chip Chicken

This Sue Bee Honey Corn Chip Chicken is a favorite of Aaron Henningsen of The Henningsens! Make it for yourself by following this recipe.

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Honey Jalapeno Bites

This recipe for Honey Jalapeno Bites is a favorite of Brian Henningsen of The Henningsens! If you’re hosting a party with friends or getting together with friends to watch the game, this recipe is a must.

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Healthy Banana Bread

This Healthy Banana Bread is one of Clara Henningsen of The Henningsens favorite recipes! The recipe itself comes courtesy of her grandmother and uses honey as a substitute for sugar.

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14 Slow Cooker Recipes With Honey

It’s slow cooker season! Dust off your crock pots, stock up on your favorite meat, chop up some veggies and let the slow heat take care of the rest. There are tons of great recipes that feature honey as a key ingredient when using your slow cooker to make dinner so we compiled 14 of […]

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11 Healthy Recipes With Honey

Eating healthy is a goal we all have … especially this time of year! Adding more honey to your diet is a great way to get started. Honey contains almost 600 compounds including antioxidants, probiotics and antibacterials making it one of nature’s superfoods, providing a range of health benefits and healing properties. Get started eating […]

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