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Sue Bee Honey Trail Mix

If you enjoy classic trail mix, this is the recipe for you. Everything you love and anything you like can be added to our Sue Bee Honey Trail Mix. Having a party? Place each ingredient into a bowl with a spoon and give your guests a plastic bag to fill with whatever combinations they choose.

Honey-Topped Doughnut Holes

A naturally sweet, fried finger food with whipped cream on the side? GAME OVER. You'll feel like you died and went to heaven when you try these sweet and savory doughnut holes.

Honey-Lime Fruit and Quinoa Salad

Combine fresh honey-lime dressing, fruit and quinoa, and what do you get? A tasty salad that pairs perfectly with chicken, fish or pork-chops. Whip this Honey-Lime Fruit and Quinoa Salad up in less than 30 minutes and you've got the perfect side to enjoy at home or to take with you to a party! 

Honey Lemon Cookies

These Honey Lemon Cookies are full of honey, lemon-y goodness, and they're so easy to make. With the chewy texture, the tart flavor and the powdered sugar coating, these cookies are absolutely irresistible! 

Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt

Forget the store bought fro-yo or ice cream and make your own Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt from scratch. Not only is it full of fresh mint flavor and chocolate pieces, but it doesn't even require an ice cream maker!  

Honey Mustard Brussels Sprout Slaw

Give this Honey Mustard Brussels Sprout Slaw a try and it just might become your new favorite salad! Crisp, shredded Brussels sprouts tossed in a sweet and tangy dressing, topped off with dried fruit, toasted almonds and Parmesan cheese ... talk about delicious. It makes for a great lunch by itself or served up as a

Honey-Sweetened Marinade Recipes

Meat, seafood and even vegetables can taste great when seasoned with just salt and pepper, but marinating your food and serving up a sauce on the side brings dining to delicious new heights. Marinades tend to include an acidic ingredient – such as lime juice or vinegar – that acts as a tenderizer. When those

One-Pan Honey Mustard Salmon & Green Beans

Busy weeknights call for simple meals and it doesn't get much simpler than our One-Pan Honey Mustard Salmon and Green Beans. This dinner is mouthwateringly good, takes less than 45 minutes to make and will leave you with very little cleanup ... perfect to throw together any night of the week! 

Sue Bee Honey Is America’s Most Recommended

As the leading advocate for female consumers, WomenCertified Inc. is delighted to honor Sue Bee Honey with the 2016 Women’s Choice Award® for America’s Most Recommended™ Honey. This award designation is based on a national survey that was distributed to tens of thousands of women across America who were asked to select the brands that

Best Practices for Storing Honey

One of the greatest facts about honey is that it doesn’t spoil! However, honey is susceptible to physical and chemical changes over time. It can lose its aroma and flavor and it also tends to darken. Since the preservation of honey is dependent upon temperature, the shelf life of honey is difficult to define. For