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Honey Candy Corn Pudding Pops

Get in the fall spirit with our Honey Candy Corn Pudding Pops! They are the perfect festive treat for Halloween parties or just to snack on at home.

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Honey Monster Munch Mix

Sweet and salty is always the way to go. Grab a handful of this Honey Monster Munch Mix to nibble on while you watch some of your favorite scary movies this Halloween.

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Sweet and Salty Candy Corn Bars

Honey, peanut butter, fritos and candy corn … mix these all together and what do you get? Our Sweet and Salty Honey Candy Corn Bars that are sure to be a hit with your kids and your Halloween party guests! 

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Honey Chocolate Cupcakes

There’s nothing better than cupcakes made from scratch! Ditch the pre-made cake mix and try these Honey Chocolate Cupcakes. They’re delicious, the recipe is simple and they are made with healthy and all-natural ingredients! 

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Honey Pumpkin Monster Cookies

Is there anything better than a cookie that combines honey, pumpkin, oatmeal and M&M’s? Make a batch for your Halloween party or just for your family … they’re sure to be a hit either way! Especially since the pumpkin and honey add a delicious twist to the classic monster cookie.  

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11 Recipes Made With Honey and Apples

Fall is officially here … and leaves aren’t all that’s changing. A change in seasons also brings a change in cravings. Everyone’s sweet tooth seems to get a little sweeter, and what’s sweeter than apples and honey? Whip up any of these recipes made with honey and apples to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Forget store-bought […]

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12 Fall Desserts Made With Honey

The smell of autumn is in the air. No really, it is! Cinnamon, pumpkin and caramel are just a few yummy scents floating through the breeze during this crisp season. Start making your grocery list so you can whip up some of these fall desserts made with honey!

Pies are a necessity in fall. With so […]

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Healthy Honey Pumpkin Pie

Autumn wouldn’t be the same without a slice of homemade pumpkin pie. Get out your apron, turn on the oven and enjoy the smell of freshly baked pie drifting through the house! Our recipe is not only easy to make but is healthy as well.

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Play Dough Made With Honey

As a child there was one item you could always count on for hours of entertainment: play dough – it allowed the mind to be creative and the imagination run wild. With a little bit of honey, flour and a few other simple ingredients, you can make your own play dough. It is soft, smells good and […]

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11 Warm Fall Drinks Made With Honey

Autumn is getting closer. Soon the leaves will be crunching under our feet and we will crave something hot to sip as the days get colder. Pour yourself one of these warm fall drinks made with honey to celebrate the changing of seasons.

Our Honey Coffee Mocha is just what you need on your drive to […]

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