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6 Seafood Recipes Made With Honey

Serving a fresh seafood dinner is a lot easier than some people might think, and it’s healthy too. Salmon. Shrimp. Cod. Tilapia. Mahi Mahi. We’ve got amazing recipes featuring various types of seafood that will allow you to have a delicious dinner on the table in less than an hour. Maybe you prefer a honey

5 Popular Flavor Combinations Featuring Honey

Quick! How many ingredients in your kitchen can be used as the star flavor for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert? It’s not a trick question … it’s honey! Part of what makes honey such a great addition to any pantry is its versatility in both cooking and baking. Sure, honey is delicious all by itself

Food Fight: Honey vs. Sugar

It’s time for the ultimate sweetener showdown. Honey versus sugar ­– which one is better for you, and how do they differ from one another? From their composition to their uses, honey and sugar are as similar as they are different. Let’s take a look at how they compare to each other. Composition The makeup

7 Dip Recipes Made With Honey

Looking to dress up your serving platters for your next get-together? Any of these homemade dips made with honey will score big at your party. Or whip these up for a night at home with your family; they won’t be able to resist double dipping! We’ve got all sorts of recipes that will complement whatever

DIY Honey Bear Valentine

Nothing says "I love you" more than a homemade valentine! Our DIY Honey Bear Valentine is not only the perfect way to impress your honey, but it's the perfect craft for your kids to make for their classmates. And not to mention, it's a great way to reuse any empty Sue Bee Honey bear bottles

Honey Balsamic Pasta

Whether you're having a date night in, entertaining with friends or just cooking for the family, this Honey Balsamic Pasta will never fail to impress! The honey-sweetened balsamic sauce atop a bed of pasta, greens, tomatoes and cheese creates one unforgettable pasta dish that you'll be craving every week. 

5 Valentine’s Day Treats Made With Honey

What better way to surprise your valentine than with homemade treats made with honey? From cheesecake cups to cookies, we've got five Valentine's Day treats that are sure to impress. And what’s more … most of these recipes don’t even involve any baking. With only a few ingredients, simple instructions and little to no baking,

3 Simple Steps to Decrystallize Honey

Have you ever reached into your cupboard, ready to enjoy some natural golden sweetness, and discovered your honey has crystallized?  Don’t panic. And don’t throw it out. Understand exactly what crystallization – also called granulation – is and follow these three simple steps to decrystallize your beloved sweet and make it liquid again. How to

5 Health Remedies Using Honey and Cinnamon

Combine honey and cinnamon and what do you get? A variety of all-natural remedies for different issues that many people face in everyday life! No matter what remedy is needed, maybe for a cough or a pimple, honey and cinnamon make one killer combination using their antiviral and antibacterial properties to heal whatever issue you're

6 Chili Recipes Made With Honey

The perfect meal for the cold days of winter? Chili, of course! There are hundreds of ways to make it and no one ever seems to agree on the same one. Whether you prefer your chili packed full of beef or with double the beans or none at all, it's impossible to narrow down the