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Homemade Honey Fruit Snacks

Our honey fruit snacks are perfect for a road trip, an afternoon snack or just to pack for part of your lunch. Since they are homemade you know exactly what ingredients are in the recipe and how good they are for you. Skip store-bought and make our recipe in just a few steps!

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Sue Bee Honey S’mores Bites

S’mores are a classic summertime camping treat. Now you can have this snack without a crackling fire! Our s’mores bites are perfect for on-the-go and easy to make. You cannot go wrong with a little bit of chocolate, honey and marshmallows! Make our recipe and see for yourself.

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10 Ice Cream Sandwiches Made With Honey

Ice cream smushed between two cookies … what’s not to love? Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day the right way and try one of these delicious recipes. From oatmeal raisin to banana almond cookies and plenty of different ice cream flavors, there is something for everyone!

Maia Kenney’s entry in our Sweet Eats Recipe Contest for […]

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12 Overnight Oat Recipes Made With Honey

Morning seems to be one of the busiest times of day. Get up, shower and dress, prepare breakfast … and if you have kids you may need to get them ready and prepare their lunches for school. Simplify your routine by making breakfast the night before. These overnight oat recipes made with honey are easy […]

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Sue Bee Honey Overnight Oats

Don’t fuss with making breakfast in the morning. Make it the night before! Save yourself some time in the early hours of the day by preparing our overnight oats recipe before you go to bed. It will be ready for you to enjoy when you wake up and is easy to take on the go.

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4 Homemade Dog Treats Made With Honey

Have you ever considered making homemade treats for your furry friend? Not only do homemade dog treats help you ensure that your pup is getting a nutritious and wholesome snack, but you can tailor the recipes to meet your dog’s preferences and dietary restrictions! Homemade dog treats are a great alternative to the commercial dog […]

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11 Ice Cream Toppings Made With Honey

You have the ice cream … but what about the fixings? Spruce up your bowl of ice cream by drizzling some sauce here or sprinkling some goodies there. Try a few of these ice cream toppings made with honey to enliven your chilled sweet!

For a simple addition to your ice cream, just use honey with […]

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11 Poolside Treats Made With Honey

Summer and pool days go together like bees and honey. You can’t have one without the other! Stay energized at the pool with some of these snacks that will give you the drive to keep swimming.

Our Honey Snack Mix has a blend of crunchy ingredients to munch on throughout the day. With pretzels and pecans, you […]

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12 Muffin Recipes Made With Honey

Do you ever find yourself rushing around in the morning, leaving you with no time for breakfast? Delicious and convenient, muffins are the perfect breakfast item to take with you on the go. From fruit-filled to double chocolate, these honey muffin recipes are sure to turn your morning around!

Rachel Ruiz’s entry in our Sweet Eats […]

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Honey Sugar Cookies

No one will ever know you’re not a professional baker when you make a batch of our honey sugar cookies! With easy to follow steps our recipe yields soft, chewy cookies that will be quickly eaten!

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