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12 Cinco de Mayo Recipes With Honey

Grab your sombrero and apron … it’s time for a fiesta! Start planning your Cinco de Mayo meal with a few of these appetizers, entrees and desserts — all made with honey! With so many delicious options there is surely a dish that everyone will love and devour.

Begin your fiesta with a few of these […]

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Honey Lime Margarita

Kick up your feet and relax with this delicious Honey Lime Margarita! It’s perfect for summer nights on the patio or a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Pair it with chips and guacamole for the ultimate combination.

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Honey Egg Hair Mask

As warm weather arrives and summer approaches our desire to spend time outdoors surges. Soaking up the sun, getting some vitamin D, it couldn’t get any better, right? As great as the sun feels on our skin, sometimes it leaves our hair feeling frizzy and dry. Start using our honey mask to help prepare your hair for […]

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Honey and Chocolate Parfait

Looking for a quick and easy way to cure your sweet tooth craving? Try our Honey and Chocolate Parfait! It’s made with only four ingredients and is perfect for dessert or a mid-day snack.

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Honey Blueberry Pie

Make this delicious, homemade Honey Blueberry Pie for yourself using fresh blueberries and delicious Sue Bee Honey!

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14 Picnic Recipes Made With Honey

The grass is green and the breeze isn’t too hot or too cold. Perfect weather to spread out a blanket underneath the shade of a tree and enjoy a simple, scrumptious meal. Picnics are really tailored to fit your tastes. What would you pack for an outing in the park? Here are a few ideas […]

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Support the Honey Bee on Earth Day

In 1970 an environmental movement was born to bring about a consciousness concerning air and water pollution. This movement — dubbed as Earth Day — has since evolved to encompass more than just air and water damage, but all things concerning the natural world around us. There are several different activities and causes that support […]

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13 Honey Garlic Recipes

Garlic is one of the most pungent herbs used in culinary practices. Its spicy flavor mellows out and sweetens with cooking, making it a great addition to several different types of cuisines. Though garlic is often paired with onions or tomatoes, it may also be combined with ingredients such as honey for a sweeter taste. […]

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8 Infused Honeys and How to Use Them

From cooking and baking to health and first aid, there’s no substitute for 100 percent pure, natural honey. And that’s what you get when you purchase any Sue Bee® Honey branded products – a guarantee that no additional ingredients or flavoring have been added. But for those adventurous do-it-yourselfers looking for a fun twist to […]

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Honey Peach Cobbler

Sweeten up your dessert menu with this delicious peach cobbler made with Sue Bee Honey!

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