8 Honey Eggnog Recipes

A nice big glass of frothy eggnog is a holiday tradition for many folks. While many settle for the store-bought variety that comes in a paper carton, others opt to make eggnog at home. Honey can be used as a delicious sweetener in homemade eggnog. Try it for yourself using these eight honey eggnog recipes, starting […]

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Sue Bee Honey Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a cup of Sue Bee Honey Hot Chocolate during the holiday season!
Pair it with a delicious Sue Bee Honey Coconut Snowball for the perfect pairing.

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Almond Honey Pine/Berry Smoothie

Lidia Haddadian’s Almond Honey Pine/Berry Smoothie entry in the Sue Bee Honey Sweet Eats Recipe Contest!

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Sue Bee Honey Sweetened Eggnog

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Blood Dripped Glasses

Mix Sue Bee Honey and red food coloring then drip down the side of glasses to create this edible illusion just in time for Halloween!

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Strawberry Banana Cooler

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Sue Bee Honey Lemonade with Raspberry Cubes

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Strawberry Blender Breakfast

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Cranberry-Apple Spiced Tea

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Honey Hydrator

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