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16 Honey Wing Recipes

Fall is in the air and with the changing of seasons there are a few things we’ve come to expect . . . leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures and football! Getting together with friends and family to watch your favorite team on the weekend is a favorite activity for so many Americans and no gathering is […]

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How should I store honey?

Honey does not spoil. However, the flavor is best when consumed before the ‘Best by’ date on the cap. It will keep indefinitely if stored in a sealed container and is best stored at room temperature. Refrigeration preserves honey very well but also promotes granulation, yielding a semi-solid mass. Freezing, on the other hand, […]

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Remembering the Sue Bee Honey Bear

September 9th is recognized as National Teddy Bear Day so what better time to dig into the old archives and remember an old friend of Sue Bee Honey?! It all started with a big announcement to introduce a new celebrity spokesperson . . .

 . . . who quickly became a beloved character synonymous with […]

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9 Unique Uses for Honey

We all know honey as the delicious and versatile sweetener that can be added to everything from chicken skewers to chocolate chip cookies. But did you know that honey is just as versatile outside of the kitchen as it is inside? It’s true. In celebration of National Honey Month, take a look at these 9 unique uses […]

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September is National Honey Month!

In 1989, the National Honey Board declared the month of September as National Honey Month as a way to promote the beekeeping industry, beekeeping in the United States and, of course, honey! While we all know honey as the natural and versatile sweetener that we regularly incorporate into many of our favorite foods, the many uses […]

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National Trail Mix Day

The last day of August before we roll into September – and National Honey Month – is recognized across the country as National Trail Mix Day! Honey is a key ingredient in many trail mix recipes as it helps provide a natural sweetener that coats the other ingredients. One of our favorite recipes is […]

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Different Types of Honey

Bees make honey from flower nectar, so different flowers naturally give different flavors to the honey you keep on your shelf. More than 300 unique types of honey have been identified, but Sue Bee® Honey – which tests and blends honey in a state-of-the-art laboratory – makes it easy for you by offering variety, including […]

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Honey Hints

Have you ever wondered how to substitute honey in your favorite recipes? What about how to reverse granulation – that thick crystallization or sugaring that sometimes occurs to honey over time? We’ve got those answers and more! Check out some of our helpful honey hints below for the answers you’ve been looking for!
To substitute […]

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National Waffle Day

National Waffle Day is Aug. 24 – the day the waffle iron was issued a patent in the United States! Waffles are typically enjoyed for breakfast but have also been known to be consumed anytime throughout the day while being paired with classic like chicken, ham, berries and more. No matter how you like […]

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National Lemonade Day

August 20, 2014 is National Lemonade Day! Lemonade was originated in the Mediterranean region as a way to help treat colds and other ailments. These days, lemonade is most commonly consumed throughout the summer and in warmer months as a refreshing beverage. While there are hundreds of different ways to make your own lemonade, […]

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