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4 Easy and Different Trail Mix Recipes

Trail mix is a classic road trip snack that has transitioned into many different forms. There are hundreds of different trail mix combinations you can try, whether it’s a healthier trail mix with nuts and sunflower seeds or sweet trail mix with popcorn and M&M’s. There is no wrong way to do trail mix and

5 Treats for Your Dog Using Honey

We as humans know the delicious, sweet taste of honey and reap all the benefits of its natural wonders, but what about our four-legged friends? How come they don’t get to experience it too? Well, the truth is they can. With a little moderation and consideration, honey can become a treat that both you and

6 Smoothie Bowls Using Honey

This summer’s hottest trend can be seen all over Instagram and Pinterest. Smoothie bowls, especially acai bowls, have taken over breakfast in a new, innovative and healthy way. The best part about smoothie bowls is that there is no wrong way to make them. All you need is a smoothie base of whichever flavor you’d

Importance of Honey Bees

“The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others.” - St. John Chrysostom It’s no secret that honey bees are one of the most important species in protecting our ecosystem. Let’s take a deeper look at the direct and indirect impact that honey bees have on

3 Easy, Energy-Packed Breakfast Foods for Back to School

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, especially before a long day of school! Mornings can be hectic so you need something healthy that you can make in a time crunch. Try out these three easy, energy-packed breakfast treats – full of honey – to give your kids the kick start they need

DIY Galaxy Bear Bottles

Astronomy has never been so sweet! Get the wonder and the mystery that is the galaxy with an easy do- it-yourself project. This galaxy honey bear is the perfect craft for all your little space cadets. Let their creativity soar by mixing their favorite colors with glitter inside an adorable Sue Bee Honey Bear bottle.

5 Ways to Eat S’mores Without the Campfire

S’mores are perhaps the most timeless and nostalgic of all the summertime treats. But there is one ingredient that can make this snack an even more memorable experience – honey! Honey adds a unique and delicious flavor to s’mores, one we know the whole family will love. Plus, you can enjoy these recipes from the

Bee Friendly Wildflowers Giveaway

We're passionate about creating a world where honey bees are able to roam freely and help pollinate all the delicious crops we enjoy each day. You can join us in our mission by planting bee friendly flowers at your home thanks to our Bee Friendly Wildflowers Giveaway! Use the entry form below to provide us

8 Ways to Incorporate Honey Mustard Into Family Dinner

No flavor brings the life out of a dish quite like honey mustard. You can add it to just about any meal to give it the perfect combination of sweet and spicy flavors. It’s also one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen as evidenced by its use as a marinade, dipping sauce or

Step by Step: From the Bee to Your Bottle

We all know bees make honey but how does the honey get from the bee to your bottle in your cabinet? It’s quite simple, actually. With no added preservatives or flavor, the honey in your bottle is just as real and genuine as the honey from a hive. Here is the step-by-step journey from the bee