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7 Frozen Treats to Beat the Heat

What's the best way to keep cool in the summer months? Frozen treats, of course! From popsicles to slushies, there are a variety of frozen snacks that are perfect for warm weather. The best ones, though, are sweetened with honey. Skip the frozen food aisle and conjure up one of these seven goodies to help keep your

Make Sidewalk Paint in Used Honey Bottles

Ah, summer is finally here. School is out and it’s time to have some fun in the sun. With the weather warming up, it’s important to get the kids off the couch and outside playing. The best way to keep children cool while being entertained is sidewalk chalk, where they can sit and let their

6 Grilled Fruit Recipes With Honey

If you get tired of grilling hot dogs and burgers this summer, switch it up. Grilled fruit can be a versatile side dish or a bold topping to a variety of meats. Nearly every type of fruit can be grilled and nearly every type of grilled fruit is delicious. Fire up the grill and give

Create the Ultimate Picnic Spread Using Honey

If the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, it might just be the perfect day for a picnic. But you don’t always have to fill your basket with the typical grub for an outdoor getaway. You can create the ultimate picnic spread by using just the right amount of honey. It will take

6 Homemade Doughnut Recipes Using Honey

Doughnuts. The sinfully delicious treat that will put a smile on everyone's face. A lot of debate has occurred over which flavor is king. Glazed? Chocolate? Sprinkles? Or even cream-filled? The answer: honey. The natural sweetness is a perfect touch to an already bona fide scrumptious snack. We have recipes that perfectly tiptoe that line

Bust A Move: The Waggle Dance

The curtains open and the honey bee takes its place on stage and begins the performance. Worker bees gather to watch the waggle dance. It is an important act to perform since dancing is how honey bees communicate. And this bee is fresh from finding a nectar source. Excellent communication, or amazing dance moves, among

8 Kid-Friendly Snacks Made With Honey

No matter if the kids are in school or out for the summer, snacks are always necessary, but snacks that are healthy and also taste great are hard to find. Luckily we’ve got plenty of kid-friendly and healthy snacks that they’ll love to take on the go. Honey Apple Nachos Who said nachos had to

5 Fruit Smoothies Made With Honey

Morning, noon or night – smoothies are the perfect way to get your fill of energy-boosting proteins and beneficial fats! Whether you enjoy healthy, invigorating mixtures or rich, indulgent combinations, the smoothie can satisfy nearly every craving, which makes it a great option for meal replacement, post-workout, snacktime or dessert. With only four or five

Bee-Friendly Gardening

Ah, spring. Flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing. Besides sprucing up your garden for pretty views, it can also help save the U.S.A Honey Bee, one bee-friendly plant at a time. Here are 10 plants that will add a dash of color to your landscape while also creating a meal for the honey bees.

All Hail The Queen Bee

The leader of the pack. The alpha female. The heart and soul of the colony. Bow down … it's time to learn about the queen bee! The queen bee: What makes her so special? The queen is much larger than all of the other bees in the hive but she has short wings that extend