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Ho-Ho-Honey Bear

If you’re looking for a quick gift idea that won’t break the bank, get crafty! Dress up an ordinary bottle of Sue Bee Honey to create a festive holiday gift.
What you’ll need:
– 12 oz. Squeeze Bear of Sue Bee Honey
– Red felt
– White felt
– Black pipe cleaner
– Cotton balls
– Hot glue or other adhesive
For Santa’s […]

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10 Chocolate Covered Recipes With Honey

Everything’s better with chocolate! Get creative in the kitchen by whipping up one of these 10 delicious chocolate covered recipes with honey, such as our Sue Bee Honey and Cream Cheese Chocolate Truffles (pictured).

These Chocolate Covered Peanuts from Skinny Ms. are great during the holidays!

If you love peanut butter balls but can’t help feeling guilty when you […]

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Christmas Goodies With Honey

The holiday season is upon us. As you get together with friends and family to exchange gifts and memories, there is sure to be a table of Christmas goodies to enjoy. Let honey be your secret weapon by preparing any of these delicious Christmas goodies made with honey this year.

Combine honey and coconut to create […]

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11 Pastry Recipes With Honey

Having friends over for tea? Preparing for a visit from your in-laws? Love baking? There is no wrong reason to bake your favorite pastry recipes! We’ve compiled 11 of our favorite pastry recipes with honey that you need to try! We’ll start things off with Kelly Williams’ Honey-Roasted Balsamic-Vanilla Bean Fresh Fig Pastry Roses with Brie […]

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14 Brownie Recipes With Honey

Chocolate lovers unite! Dec, 8 is National Brownie Day … as if you needed an excuse to indulge a little with a delicious, heavenly treat. Honey is often used as a key ingredient in many recipes as a substitute for sugar. Try one of these 14 amazing brownie recipes with honey today – like Jannine […]

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12 Christmas Cookie Recipes With Honey

Get in the spirit of giving by sharing delicious treats! Whether you’re baking gingerbread cookies for friends or decorating sugar cookies for Santa, adding honey can be a simple way to give your recipe the perfect amount of sweetness! We’ve compiled 12 of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes with honey for you to try this holiday season, starting […]

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12 French Toast Recipes With Honey

French toast is one of the most popular breakfast dishes throughout the United States. It’s made by soaking bread in a mixture of beaten eggs – often with milk or cream – before being fried and served warm with fresh fruit, syrup or other toppings. Honey can be used in the making of french toast, as […]

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Thanksgiving Recipes

Need help completing your Thanksgiving feast? We’ve got you covered!
Let honey be the secret ingredient in your Thanksgiving recipes this year! From turkey and ham to sweet potatoes and pies, the versatility of all-natural honey shines through all across your table. Use it as a sweetener, a sugar substitute or in brines and glazes! Just make sure […]

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8 Turkey Recipes With Honey

The cornerstone of any Thanksgiving dinner is, of course, the mouthwatering turkey plopped right in the middle of the table. Honey can be used in a number of ways to help cook your turkey this Thanksgiving season. We’ve compiled eight turkey recipes with honey to help inspire you, starting with our Sue Bee Honey-Glazed Turkey (pictured).

Our recipe for Honey […]

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12 Honey Ham Recipes

While turkey may get all the attention around Thanksgiving, don’t forget to make room for ham at the table! There are hundreds of honey ham recipes out there for you to try. We’re making it easy for you and breaking it down to a top 12, starting with our Sue Bee Honey Glazed Ham (pictured above).

This Honey Baked Ham […]

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