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Play Dough Made With Honey

As a child there was one item you could always count on for hours of entertainment: play dough – it allowed the mind to be creative and the imagination run wild. With a little bit of honey, flour and a few other simple ingredients, you can make your own play dough. It is soft, smells good and […]

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11 Warm Fall Drinks Made With Honey

Autumn is getting closer. Soon the leaves will be crunching under our feet and we will crave something hot to sip as the days get colder. Pour yourself one of these warm fall drinks made with honey to celebrate the changing of seasons.

Our Honey Coffee Mocha is just what you need on your drive to […]

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September Is National Honey Month

Right from the bees to your table, honey is pure, sweet and its uses are endless. Though this all-natural ingredient should be incorporated into daily living year-round, September is dedicated solely to celebrating honey. In 1989 the National Honey Board declared September as National Honey Month in order to help promote the beekeeping industry in […]

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11 Recipes Made With Bananas and Honey

Whether you’re making breakfast, a snack, a side or a dessert, bananas and honey always make for a delicious combination. These recipes are not only tasty and fun to make, but they give you a use for those overripe bananas that have been sitting on your counter!

Who doesn’t love a recipe with “healthy” in […]

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Celebrate National Honey Bee Day

Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that make the biggest difference. Honey bees are an excellent example of how each organism in our ecosystem has an impact on the environment. This year National Honey Bee Day is observed on both August 15 and 22. “Ban Ignorance, not Honey Bees” is the theme for 2015 […]

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10 Bite-Sized Appetizers Made With Honey

Have you ever heard the saying “good things come in small packages?” That couldn’t be more true when it comes to these delicious bite-sized appetizers! Whether you’re hosting a party or just cooking for your family, bite-sized appetizers are fun to make and taste great. From meatballs and crostinis to the classic pigs in a […]

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12 Cheese and Honey Recipes

Cheese is an ingredient that has so many uses, such as sprinkling it on top of a dish or using it as filling. In addition, there are also several varieties of this dairy delight. Get a little crazy by combining cheese and honey to make these mouthwatering recipes.

Make some Crepes With Honey Ricotta and Blueberry […]

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Back to School Teacher Appreciation Craft

The buzz of back to school is in the air! From new school supplies to new classmates and maybe even a new teacher, the excitement of this upcoming academic year is hard to contain! Have the kids help decorate this honey gift to give to their teachers on the first day of school. It’s going […]

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10 Ice Cream Sandwiches Made With Honey

Ice cream smushed between two cookies … what’s not to love? Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day the right way and try one of these delicious recipes. From oatmeal raisin to banana almond cookies and plenty of different ice cream flavors, there is something for everyone!

Maia Kenney’s entry in our Sweet Eats Recipe Contest for […]

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12 Overnight Oat Recipes Made With Honey

Morning seems to be one of the busiest times of day. Get up, shower and dress, prepare breakfast … and if you have kids you may need to get them ready and prepare their lunches for school. Simplify your routine by making breakfast the night before. These overnight oat recipes made with honey are easy […]

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