Candy-Decorated Thanksgiving Cupcakes

These Candy-Decorated Thanksgiving Cupcakes are sure to make your holiday even better! Not only do they taste great, but they’ll look great on your Thanksgiving table. Stick to just one of these decorations or try out both … either way your friends and family are sure to love them. 

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Honey Cranberry Relish

The flavor combination of the honey, orange, apple and the cranberries makes this Honey Cranberry Relish to die for! Refreshingly sweet and tangy, it will be the perfect compliment to your Thanksgiving turkey! 

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Spiced Honey Apple Cider

 Fall means crisp air, beautiful colors, the sound of crunching leaves and of course, apple cider! Warm up with our Spiced Honey Apple Cider … perfect for the whole family to enjoy together!

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Honey Cranberry Oat Bread

What’s better than a few loaves of homemade bread? The honey and cranberries add the perfect amount of sweetness to this Honey Cranberry Oat Bread, and the chopped walnuts add a little crunch! Make this for your family to snack on or serve it up at your next party … either way, everyone is sure […]

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Honey Glazed Squash

Simple and delicious, our Honey Glazed Squash is the perfect fall comfort food! With only a few tasty ingredients, it’s the perfect side item for any fall dinner or the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving menu. 

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Honeyscotch Topping

Save this Honeyscotch Topping recipe to whip up again and again for a new taste in toppings! It’s honey-smooth and honey-sweet – but not too sweet. Serve it with ice cream on gingerbread, on cake or on pudding . . . or for a super sundae on chocolate ice cream and toasted almonds. And try […]

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Honey Candy Corn Drink

Fruity, fizzy and sweet, this layered Honey Candy Corn Drink is perfect for Halloween parties! With only a few ingredients, it’s also super easy to make. Whether you whip it up in a pitcher or in individual glasses, it’s sure to be a hit with your party guests!  

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Honey Candy Corn Pudding Pops

Get in the fall spirit with our Honey Candy Corn Pudding Pops! They are the perfect festive treat for Halloween parties or just to snack on at home.

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Honey Monster Munch Mix

Sweet and salty is always the way to go. Grab a handful of this Honey Monster Munch Mix to nibble on while you watch some of your favorite scary movies this Halloween.

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Sweet and Salty Candy Corn Bars

Honey, peanut butter, fritos and candy corn … mix these all together and what do you get? Our Sweet and Salty Honey Candy Corn Bars that are sure to be a hit with your kids and your Halloween party guests! 

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