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Sunday, February 02, 2014

DIY Honey Bear Vase


Like most holidays, the gift you give your honey on Valentine's Day isn't about what you spend ... it's about the thought behind the gift. And making your gift from scratch will always score you extra points. This craft idea is perfect for children and adults and is a fun way to turn an ordinary gift into a meaningful one. Enjoy!

Start with a Sue Bee Honey Bear bottle. You can squeeze the honey from a full or opened bottle into a honey dipper if you don't have an empty bottle on hand.

Remove the cap of the bottle and carefully poke holes along the edge of the cap as shown below.

Using a knife, carefully pierce the plastic along the holes and remove the ring.

Now it's time to paint your Honey Bear. Remember to lay down paper and stand at a safe distance to avoid getting any paint on yourself. It took us two coats to obtain the desired coating.

For an added element, take a doily of any shape and fold it in half. Then cut along the fold to form a half heart that will stretch across the front of the Honey Bear.

You can decorate the doily however you please or simply use it as a "To/From" tag.

Once your paint is dry, you're ready to put the cap back on your Honey Bear and attach the doily using adhesive spray. 

Fill in the eyes if you so desire with black marker or paint, add your flowers and voila! You've got a simply-to-make Honey Bear Vase for your honey this Valentine's Day!